Facebook Improves Mobile Payment Currency Selection, Adds Ways To Tout Payer Promotions

By David Cohen 

Facebook continues to streamline the process for both developers of mobile applications and their users to process payments and offer promotions.

The social network announced in a post on its developer blog that app developers can now offers users only the currencies that are available in their countries, rather than listing those that may not be supported.

And Facebook announced that it will allow developers to publicize their payer promotions with special banner ads or premium units on the canvas pages for their games.

Following are the details from the developer blog:

With the mobile payments shortcut, you can provide a customized mobile payment flow that simplifies the user experience for purchasing with a mobile device and improves conversion. Instead of offering virtual currency price points that may not be supported on mobile, use this feature to find out what mobile price points are available for users based on their country and offer those as purchase options in your game. Once users make a selection, you can show a mobile-only pay dialog to confirm the purchase, eliminating other payment options from the dialog. Get more details on how to implement this feature by reading our documentation.

Many developers have implemented payer promotions and have seen increased payer conversion and revenue. Payer promotions are subsidized by Facebook and allow you to offer eligible users a discount on your in-game currency, such as $3 of value for free. We previously launched features that allow you to create your own custom unit or use Dealspot to offer payer promotions in your game. Now Facebook will help you promote this offer for a discount on your in-game currency by showing a special banner or premium unit on your game’s canvas page.

You can start taking advantage of this feature simply by implementing in-app currency orders and associating your currency with your app. Learn more about how to enable the payer promotion unit on Facebook.com for your game in our documentation.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.