UPDATED: Facebook Makes Mobile App Install Ads Available To All Developers

By David Cohen 

When is a test no longer a test? When Facebook officially confirms it. The social network announced that the mobile application install ads it introduced in beta in August are now available to all developers, complete with the “install now” call to action first noticed by ESPN Senior Vice President of Product Development Ryan Spoon and reported by sister blog Inside Facebook.

The mobile app install ads were initially available only to beta partners including Kabam, Fab.com, TinyCo, and Big Fish Games, and Facebook said in the post on its developer blog announcing the ad units’ availability that TinyCo experienced 50 percent higher click-through rates and “significantly higher conversion rates” compared with its current mobile channels, along with a “significant increase” in player engagement.

Facebook also touted results reported by some of its Preferred Marketing Developers, including:

  • Nanigans, which said its clients achieved eight times to 10 times the reach of their normal ad buys. UPDATED: Nanigans provided some more data regarding early performance results for mobile app install ads. The Facebook ad company said it is seeing average costs per click of $0.18 to $0.60, and click-through rates that exceed 3 percent, in some cases. Nanigans also reported that mobile app install ads are generating CTRs 20 percent higher and CPCs 22 percent higher than mobile sponsored stories. CTRs compared with Facebook desktop ads were 13 to 17 times higher. Ads driving users to games saw CTRs 85 percent higher than those driving users to ecommerce apps, but CPCs for the latter were 15 percent higher than those for the former.
  • AdParlor, which reported that click-through rates from the news feed were 1 percent to 2 percent from users looking for games their friends were playing on the iPhone and Android devices.

Here are more details from the developer blog post:

For years, many apps and games on Facebook.com have used ads as an important part of their growth strategy. Now we are bringing these opportunities to mobile apps. With these new ads, mobile apps and games of all sizes across any category can reach the right audience, at scale.

It’s easy to launch your ad and monitor your insights through a simple flow on the app dashboard. You can also leverage power editor, the ads application-programming interface, or work with one of our Preferred Marketing Developers to create and manage your campaigns.

Through our ads tools, you have the same powerful ad capabilities that developers and advertisers use on our website, as well as mobile-specific features to improve the user experience. When people click on these ads, they will be sent to the App Store or Google Play to download the app, depending on the device.

To measure the effectiveness of your ads, you must integrate with the latest Facebook software development kits for iOS or Android. Updating your app with the latest SDK will allow you to measure overall clicks and installs for your campaign, and it will allow you to optimize your ad delivery for installs.

In coming months, we’ll continue to make updates that improve the user experience and the performance of mobile app install ads. For example, you may be able to customize your ad unit based on your audience, ensure that your ads are only shown to people who have not installed your app on iOS or Android devices, and allow people to start installing your app without leaving Facebook.

We are pleased to make this powerful tool for driving app growth available to everyone. Learn how to get started now and connect with our sales team.

Readers: Have you started to notice mobile app install ads in your mobile news feeds?