MN Man Hacked Up To 100 Women's Facebook Accounts

By Jennifer Moire Comment

Minnesota police have charged a man with duping 13 women, age 17 to 26, into becoming friends on Facebook, then stealing their photos and other personal information to share with sex-industry sites.

However, the accused, 26-year-old Timothy Noirjean, told police the number of victims he hacked or attempted to hack could number 100 or higher. He’s due in court May 26, according to the Kansas City Star.

Noirjean admitted to obtaining the email accounts of victims through their Facebook pages, then persuaded the women to share answers to their security questions so he could reset their passwords. Noirjean would then reach out to the womens’ friends and family in an attempt to obtain more information about the victims.

One of the victims first told police in February 2010 that her personal information had been hacked by someone impersonating her friend on Facebook. After instant messaging with this friend, the next time she tried to log back into her Facebook account, the site said her password had changed.

When she was able to access her Facebook page the next day, she found a link to a sexually explicit web site, police said. At the site, she found three photos of herself along with her first and last name and city of residence.

A second friend told police she befriended someone named Steve Mills through Facebook and was sent a link that made her computer crash. The so-called Mills told this second friend the link was his web site and described a photo he posted on his site that he obtained from her computer. He offered to remove the photo if the second friend shared a nude photo of herself, which she refused.

Readers, what steps have you taken to protect your data on Facebook?