MLB Uses Smack Talk to Rally Fans on Social Media

By Kimberlee Morrison 

I don’t know about you but as game seasons start, my social media feeds are littered with smack talk among friends who are fans of rivaling teams. Excited rallying calls from basketball, football and baseball fans assert their team is going to win and the rivaling team is going down.

Indeed, no matter what the game, smack talk is almost always part of experience.

Major League Baseball has been getting in on the social media smack talk recently as a way to engage younger audiences. According to a recent USA Today report, this is part of a larger push by the Leauge to “build real-time, hyper-connected social media operation centers.”

The challenge though is staying on brand while still improvising and engaging in the “raw banter” with fans. “It’s the age-old thing of fans talking trash and having fun in a good-natured way, and I think it’s OK as long as it’s in good taste,” Bryan Srabian Director of Social Media for the San Francisco Giants said in the article.

Even when it tows the line of being inappropriate, the fans seem to love it. Ultimately, it comes down to finding the right voice and giving the fans what they want.

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