Sneak Peek: Miso To Kick Off Synchronous Social TV Experience With Dexter Season Premiere

By Megan O'Neill 

Social TV platform Miso is taking the concept of social TV to the next level with a new enriched second-screen experience that feeds viewers trivia, polls and other synchronized content as they watch their favorite shows live.  The new synchronous social TV experience will launch this Sunday, October 2, when Dexter kicks off its sixth season.

According to a press release, the updated app will deliver live second-screen content via push notifications, allowing viewers to check out various content throughout the show without having to keep their eyes glued to their mobile screen.  “More than just a means to check into a show, Miso’s updated app delivers an unmatched experience for a social TV platform.  Viewers can now cast their votes in polls that might ask ‘Who is Dexter’s next victim?’; share the latest quotable uttered by Dexter’s ever-mouthy sister Debra; receive alerts when their friends tune in—all while the series are playing.”

The app is designed to compliment the series, allowing viewers to engage without taking away from the actual viewing experience.  Check out the sneak peek of the app below, then read on to find out more.

According to Miso CEO Somrat Niyogi, “Now, fans of the critically-acclaimed Showtime series Dexter can make their weekly date with TV’s favorite killer an even more social experience.  Miso is the first company delivering on the promise of the ‘connected home’ as it enables the second screen and places social TV at the center of television viewing.” Dexter is only the beginning, as Miso hopes to bring this synchronized experience to all of your favorite shows.

Personally, I think this is very cool.  Until very recently when we sat and watched television, we were zombies.  We stared at the “idiot box,” perhaps taking breaks for commercials, sometimes for hours on end.  Miso’s new synchronous experience turns television-viewing into a much more stimulating experience.  Polls make us think and push-notifications provide information that maybe we didn’t know before.  I can’t wait to see how this evolves.

What’s your take on Miso’s new synchronous experience?  Do you think you’ll check it out this Sunday during the sixth season premiere of Dexter?

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.