MinorMonitor Tracks Childrens’ Social Network Friends’ Ages

By Kenna McHugh 

MinorMonitor works with parents with its multi-child monitoring capabilities. Parents can keep track of Facebook activities for up to four children. When it originally started parents could only monitor one child at a time.

“One of the most popular requests from users has been the ability to monitor the whole family from a single MinorMonitor account,” said Mike Betron, general manager, MinorMonitor.

MinorMonitor has been adding parent-users at a steady clip since May, growing over 50% month over month. The feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, as parents continue to seek ways to stay aware of what their children are doing online. While there are many options, and lots of noise around online monitoring, feedback on MinorMonitor is “that it’s clean, clear, simple, quick and effective to use.”

And now, support for multiple children is streamed into the product. Registered MinorMonitor users simply go into their account at set up, click on the “add child” button underneath the name currently listed and add the next child’s Facebook credentials – email address and password. A new tab will appear for every additional child you enter.

For new users, while setting up the profile, you can add multiple children simply by clicking on the “add child” button for each of your children. You can even delete a child by going into the settings tab and clicking “remove child.”

Within moments of the first entry of every child, parents will get reports for that child, summarizing their activities and friends, and any alerts. MinorMonitor does encourage parents to talk with their children about the tool and discuss that although their activities will be monitored, it will be at a much higher level and less intrusive way than a parent logging right on to their account or being their “friend.”

As a brief run down on how MinorMonitor works, the system is a web-based tool. The tool has sophisticated algorithms that leverage an extensive library and natural language analytics that identify potentially dangerous activities such as bullying, drug use, solicitation, sexual references and profanity. These algorithms and keyword phrases are continuously updated, with new words added to follow trends and slang. MinorMonitor also watches out for suspicious friends by identifying friends significantly older than the child, friends with a very small number of mutual friends, and friends who post an abnormally high amount of negative content.

I have uploaded MinorMonitor’s overview of my Facebook page. You will notice that there are four alerts. I clicked on them and discovered that some of my friends use light profanity. When I returned to the overview page, I discovered my alerts had increased to 178 because most of my friends are adults and older friends are a no-no for children on Facebook.

It seems as if MinorMonitor knows more about what to look for than the parent. It analyzes every type of activity including wall posts, notes, photos, videos, and messages. This continuous monitoring is available to parents at any time through an intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard. Proactive alerts may also be set up in order to receive immediate emails for extremely concerning events.

MinorMonitor’s proprietary, analytic technology foundation comes from Infoglide who brought its core capabilities downstream to benefit parents. More than just identifying and flagging concerning keyword phrases, MinorMonitor is also built with unique self-learning and natural language analytics that make it smarter over time, providing a more accurate analysis and fewer false alarms.