Microsoft Strengthens Relationship with Facebook

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Facebook Microsoft Logos-Steve Balmer CEO of Microsoft just announced a Facebook partnership at his first CES keynote. Microsoft Live will partner with Facebook to create ‘the best social experience’, bringing Microsoft’s half a billion users tight integration with Facebook.

Facebook and Windows Live

Windows Live users will be able to automatically update their Facebook status and to updload their photos to Facebook from Windows Live applications and web sites. Windows Live must be configured to support this functionality, however, this should enable Facebook to access substantial content from Microsoft OS users. Facebook may well be able to access a substantial new user base via tight integration with Microsoft’s myriad platforms – reaching thr 300 million member mark AllFacebook foresaw in our 2009 predictions.

Windows Live Will Distribute Facebook Content

Windows Live and Internet Explorer 8 are emphasizing how they enable ‘a connected life’ . Social updates are enabled by a ‘what’s new feed’ that aggregates information from Twitter, Flickr and Yelp. Microsfts big announcement is that Facebook is finally on board the social media partner bandwagon. Facebook updates and photos uploaded to Facebook will now show up on Windows live sites – messenger, Hotmail, your phone (Windows Mobile) and your Microsoft home page.

Will Facebook maintain its leadership in the social operating system space partnering with the leading computer operating system?