Microsoft Hopes to Sour Holiday Shoppers on Google’s Paid Product Listings

By Cameron Scott 

bing, google, microsoft, shopping, search

Microsoft, hoping to gain traction for its Bing search engine by souring holiday shoppers against Google’s new paid listings in that company’s Shopping search, launched an aggressive ‘Don’t Get Scroogled’ campaign today.

The campaign features its own website,, with Scroogled in large print and signature Google colors across the page.

The campaign alleges that Google reneged on its early promises to provide unbiased search results when it changed its Shopping search results to paid advertisements. The changeover was finalized for U.S. users in October.

“Today, Bing renews its commitment to the old rules – to honoring our side of the bargain with shoppers by delivering better, more objectively ranked search results. We won’t let who pays us for ads or other services affect what you see in your search results. Search results are one thing; ads are another,” wrote Mike Nichols, Bing’s corporate VP, in a blog post.

Product searches are, in some sense, the core business for search engines, which are able to charge higher advertising rates than social networks, for example, because users of search engines, unlike those of social networks, are often actively looking to buy something.