Michael Arrington Submits Evidence to Court of Public Opinion

By Devon Glenn 

In response to allegations that he abused his former girlfriend, investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has collected evidence to refute her claims and posted the documents on his blog.

“The following letter from my attorneys was delivered to Jennifer Allen this afternoon, in response to her previous claims,” Arrington wrote yesterday evening. “I believe the letter speaks for itself. The original PDF of the letter is here.”

While no crimes were officially reported, both Arrington and Allen are under intense scrutiny over what appears to be a he-said/she -said fight. Arrington is now speaking out publicly after keeping quiet in the first few days after the story broke.

He has also threatened to take legal action against Allen if she does not retract her statements in writing by Apr. 15.

Allen’s claim that Arrington had physically abused her and raped her friend were published on Gawker last week, sparking a mix of support and backlash from many of Arrington’s colleagues and friends.

According to the letter, Arrington was miles away from Allen when the alleged abuse was said to have occurred.

“Your twice-repeated allegation of rape/physical abuse by Michael is not only false, but factually impossible,” wrote Eric M. George, one of Arrington’s attorneys. “On March 5, 2012, Michael was in Washington and you were in California.”

But the accompanying screenshots show Allen tagged with friends in San Francisco in a picture posted to Facebook the next day on March 6, 2012.

Arrington’s attorneys have also included records of personal correspondence and photos in an effort to portray Allen as a woman who was distraught over a breakup rather than a victim of abuse.

Read the full letter below:

Demand Letter to Jennifer Allen via Alexia Tsotsis