Want To Sound Off About Work Anonymously? Now You Can [VIDEO]

By Mary C. Long 

mi925650So you know LinkedIn is NOT the place to vent or share anything beyond buttoned-up business about your work. And how many lazies (those “self-employed and proud of it!” types) can one tolerate day in and day out on Facebook? But you want to share your day with other work-minded, fun folks and wish there was somewhere you could commiserate. And now there is. mi925 (like “my 9-5”, get it?) let’s you walk that fine line between the serious and silly that makes up your work day, and although there’s a bit of social saturation out there, this is a site you might want to consider. Here’s why:

First, an intro video:

Now to address the question flashing across your mind like lightning: Isn’t this a crazy idea? Won’t you get fired if you sound off online? Well, that’s probably why you can also post anonymously — and there’s more:

  • Rate posts/get rated — you can rate your contacts’ posts. Love it? Give it five stars! Don’t like it? Give it one star.
  • Use hashtags and emoticons to organize/enhance conversations.
  • Start and join groups and participate in daily discussion topics and try to make “top achieving post of the day.”
  • There are also premium options, including the ability to see who is looking at your profile. (That’s one Facebook needs to add. Amiright?!)

Sooo, if you’re willing to check out another platform, this will certainly be one to watch.  It targets an interesting niche, that’s for sure. Do you plan to check it out?