MeUndies: Fighting Facebook’s Ad Guidelines With Sarcasm … And Winning

By David Cohen 

MeUndiesStickFigureAd650What if an underwear manufacturer finds that Facebook continually rejected its ads, which featured models wearing its underwear? When MeUndies was confronted with that very dilemma, it responded in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, and it found that its ads with images of stick figures actually delivered higher click-through rates.

MeUndies said in an email to AllFacebook:

We have become increasingly frustrated with Facebook’s guidelines. We will have ads running for up to one week that perform well with some of our most vanilla imagery, and they eventually get taken down. MeUndies by nature wants to sell underwear, and it’s proven that featuring a product on a human leads to better results. But we are routinely denied, even though these images are tastefully featured prominently on other social media platforms, display networks, and sponsored/native content around the Web. So we found a way to turn this into our advantage, by mocking the Facebook ad medium and enticing users to click to see why our ads have been flagged as inappropriate by Facebook.

The stick-figure ads direct Facebook users to this landing page, where photos from some of the ads rejected by the social network are displayed (examples below).

Readers: Do you think the real underwear photos in MeUndies ads should be rejected by Facebook?