Access Messenger Without Facebook Account

By David Cohen Comment


A Facebook account is no longer necessary to use its Messenger applications, at least in North America and a select few countries.

Facebook vice president of messaging David Marcus revealed the news in a Facebook post Wednesday:

Now everyone can benefit from Messenger’s enhanced messaging experience, even without a Facebook account. Available in North America and a select few countries starting today, and more soon. Tell your last non-Facebook friends to try it, so you can finally message everyone on Messenger!

Those countries, according to a Newsroom post by software engineer Louis Boval, are the U.S., Canada, Peru and Venezuela. Boval also described how the process works:

On the Messenger welcome screen, you will now see an option that says “Not on Facebook?” From there, you can sign up with your name, phone number and a photo.

Readers: How many friends without Facebook accounts do you have?