Meritful: A Place Where Students Can Build A Professional Portfolio

By Mary C. Long 

Think everything online is bad news for teens?

There’s a new site that’s trying to change that: Meritful. It’s a platform where “students build a professional portfolio from their projects and activities, while getting feedback from peers and mentors.” And it not only benefits students, but mentors as well.

One of the site’s founders, Azarias Reda, tells us that Mertiful “gives students a place to build a formal brand for themselves, and start building a professional network.” And it gives students a platform where they can showcase an online resume to impress colleges and employers.┬áIt’s like LinkedIn for high school.

And there’s also a leaderboard where students can compete with peers on projects.


What about mentors? Well, “if you are a teacher or mentor, Meritful helps you run projects and engage with students.” And what can be easier than virtual mentoring, really? Looks nice on the resume (hint, hint). It also gives your talent search a leg up, allowing you to connect with tomorrow’s leaders. We suppose elementary school talent scouts aren’t far behind . . .

If you have a teen, this wouldn’t be a bad site to direct him/her toward.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

(Young people image from Shutterstock)