Menlo Park City Council Approves Facebook’s Proposed West Campus Expansion

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s proposed West Campus was unanimously approved in a vote by the Menlo Park City Council Tuesday night, meaning that the social network is one step closer to moving forward with the Frank Gehry-designed expansion to its current headquarters.

The Palo Alto Daily News reported that the site still needs to be rezoned, heritage trees must be removed, and a provision must be added to a certified environmental impact report, adding that the project is slated to go before the planning commission Feb. 25, and return to the City Council March 19.

Under terms of the City Council approval, as reported by the Daily News, Facebook will:

  • Pay the city $1.5 million over a 10-year period.
  • Add $100,000 for local improvements.
  • Restrict the number of vehicles that can enter and leave the new campus.
  • Pay at least $194,000 per year in property taxes.

The West Campus, formerly occupied by Tyco Electronics, will be located across the Bayfront Expressway from the former Sun Microsystems facility that became Facebook’s headquarters in 2011, and the social network said it expected some 2,800 employees to work there.

Facebook Global Real Estate Director John Tenanes told the City Council, as reported by the Daily News:

The generous list of items included in the development agreement will reinforce our commitment to being a responsible neighbor to Menlo Park and the surrounding community.

Readers: Do you think Facebook’s headquarters expansion will ultimately win approval?