Meetup Has Seen Dramatic Uptick in RSVPs With Tweaks to Workflow

By Cameron Scott 

andres glusman, meetupMeetup has seen a dramatic uptick in RSVPs to hosted events since mid-2011 thanks to the embrace of user-experience testing within the company, said Andres Glusman, the company’s vice president of product.

Meetup has made changes to the email subject lines, buttons within emails and the algorithms that determine which Meetups users see when they search by interest area or location. The algorithm changes resulted in a nearly 42 percent boost in RSVPs, Glusman said.

In the last year, Meetup has also refined the process users go through to create a Meetup group, trying to eliminate steps that users were less excited about, Glusman said. The company, for instance, eliminated the step that invited users to choose what they want their group’s homepage to look like. The design of the process has also been refined.

“We’re doing everything in our power to make design one of the most important aspects of the company,” Glusman said.

Meetup is on track to conduct 600 usability sessions annually, Glusman said. The company conducts the testing in-house, rather than outsourcing it to user experience consulting firms, which Glusman said costs about the same as a single run of tests done by a consultancy.