What Would Happen If You Met Twitter Followers IRL?

By Mary C. Long 

You might have a good online relationship with your Twitter followers, but would you want to meet them in real life? All of them?

Most of us suspect at least a few of our Twitter followers of being a bit crazy around the edges, but it’s all good fun when they’re hundreds of miles away.

We’d be pretty hesitant about meeting them in real life, though. We’re guessing at least one of them would lick you – or bite you. And the more people you follow, the more chance there are that you’re following or being followed by a creep.

But maybe we’re being too cynical. This guy met up with 150 of his Twitter followers, and he’s still alive. In fact, he said none of them were “properly crazy.”

Declan Dineen, a screenwriter and magician from Scotland, wanted to meet everyone he followed on Twitter (business, inactive and spam accounts aside).

Why 150? 150 people is what’s known as Dunbar’s number — essentially, the maximum number of people you can successfully maintain a stable social relationship with at any one time.

Declan did a quick tour of the UK, visiting 17 cities in 14 days meeting many in person, and “met” his international followers on Skype.

Some people refused to meet him, some never showed up, but the ones that did seemed pretty normal. Maybe he’s just lucky. Or maybe he’s the loon.

But there could be something to learn from Declan’s adventure: Maybe most people are just regular, ‘not trying to lure you to some secluded place and kill you’ people after all!

And although it’s good to be wary of folk you don’t know, the people you communicate with on Twitter aren’t total strangers. You’re following them for a reason — hopefully because you have shared interests — so there’s that.  

Unless you only followed them so they’d follow you back. If that’s the case, then who knows how many crazies you’re interacting with!

(Image from Shutterstock)