Medium: An Ideal Content Marketing Platform? (Infographic)

By Kimberlee Morrison Comment


Content marketing is only useful when it reaches the right audience. While there are many small steps to success, network selection could be the earliest decision that makes or breaks a campaign. An infographic from takes a look at why Medium might be the perfect choice for content marketing.

For those unfamiliar with Medium, it’s a blogging platform with an emphasis on quality content rather than the quantity of content. Almost any idea can find an audience on Medium, as long as it is well developed and meaningful. In other words, it’s the ideas that are important, not the authority behind them.

There are a plethora of reasons to use Medium for your content marketing. There is no cost to use the site, content creation and uploading are simple, there are custom domains available, and the platform can become a central hub for your blogging efforts. Perhaps most important is that Medium has built in highly engaged audience that spreads content like wildfire.

Universal tips to ensure your Medium content appeals to the right audience include:

  • Publish detailed and thoughtful posts
  • Use visual material to engage
  • Include a call to action
  • Include links that lead to your other content

Your content is only useful if it reaches audiences, and if you’re trying to create better content for more engaged audiences, Medium might be the perfect starting point for a more in depth campaign.