Mediafed Using Social Media Info to Sell RSS Ads for Publishers

By Tim Sohn 

QriusRSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds have traditionally allowed publishers to send headlines, descriptions and links of stories to readers who subscribe. Readers can view these streams using RSS readers or aggregators. However, monetizing the RSS feeds has been a challenge for publishers.

Today, Mediafed is launching Qrius, an RSS feed that tracks readers’ mobile and social media behaviors, and sells advertising based on that data.

Qrius automatically delivers RSS feeds to social newsreader Taptu, which lets users select their favorite websites and social networks. Taptu, which can be accessed via a browser or a mobile app, then creates visual article streams on topics such as news, recipes, entertainment, sports, and tech.

To use Qrius, click the Qrius icon, which is found on participating news sites. Publishers already signed up with Qrius include El Economista, IDG UK, Le Figaro, Reuters China, Bild, and India Today. Next, sign into Qrius through a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ log-in. Then, Qrius will prompt you to log in at Taptu and select which stories you want to send there to read.

So, what kind of in-feed advertising will Qrius sell based on your social media and mobile information? Everything from ads to whitepapers to advertorials.

“We expect our integration of Qrius to help drive additional revenue from our syndicated content,” said Juan Ramón Rodríguez from El Economista. “We chose to integrate Qrius because of its reach on desktop and mobile through news reader Taptu, and because Mediafed has delivered real revenue to publishers like us through its extensive advertiser base.”