MediaBrix Powers Frontline Plus In-Game Campaign On Facebook Game Pet Rescue Saga

By David Cohen 

Facebook users hoping to keep their accounts flea-free will be heartened by the news that flea- and tick-control product Frontline Plus launched a cross-platform advertising campaign on Facebook game Pet Rescue Saga, with social and mobile game advertising platform MediaBrix providing the technology behind the campaign.

MediaBrix announced last month that it would focus on breakthrough moments during games, and the campaign for Frontline Plus adheres to that strategy, adding a branded map screen and custom elements during points of game play when users are potentially most receptive to advertising.

Also as part of the campaign, game players can receive three Frontline Plus-branded “Block Buster” boosters per day to protect their virtual pets during game play, and users who reach congratulatory points during Pet Rescue Saga will receive complimentary product coupons.

MediaBrix cited a study by Insight Express finding that 90 percent of social game players own pets, adding that Frontline Plus will use its entire product suite — Flex and Fusion for integration, Views throughout the network, and plans to add Rewards in the future.

MediaBrix Co-Founder and CEO Ari Brandt said:

We are pleased to help Frontline Plus appeal to its audience in a thoughtful and innovative way. Rarely is there such an emphasis from both the brand and the platform in reaching the right audience at the right time. Frontline Plus’ campaign is going to be an incredible success.

Frontline Plus Director of Consumer Marketing Nikkia Starks added:

Frontline Plus recognizes that there’s a huge opportunity to add value for our consumers through social gaming. Last year, out of the entire plan, MediaBrix delivered the highest number of coupon downloads for us. Partnering with MediaBrix and creating an ad experience with highly relevant social game Pet Rescue Saga is going to take connecting with our consumers to a new level.

Readers: Have you ever interacted with advertising during game play?