Media Personality Glenn Beck Creates Groupon Site

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Photo credit: Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times

Earlier this week Glenn Beck and his company Mercury Radio Arts unexpectedly announced that they were moving into the social shopping network with an ecommerce discount site called

“I can’t believe we managed to keep it a secret!” Mercury President and CEO Chris Balfe told Business Insider. The shopping site went live earlier this week with savings offers from longtime ad partner as well as

Balfe Mercury has been planning to jump into ecommerce “for a really long time.” The success of Groupon and Living Social “emboldened us to take faster action.”

Of course Beck’s news site The Blaze, which is still fairly young and launched last October, experiences quite a bit of traffic and has been growing rapidly. Beck markets his site via his radio and television shows and daily links from his newsletter. And you guessed it; Markdown intends to take advantage of these approaches in a big way.

Now some of you may think that Beck is going to imitate Groupon. That is not so. His main objective is “curating deals and products with our audience in mind… What will our audience like?”

The Business Insider says the tag line for the site is “Value and Values.” With Beck’s large and devoted audience, Markdown will do very well as witnessed by Beck mentioning his book on his television show and then hitting the top of the Amazon charts.

So now, Beck and his team are harnessing his power of recommendations to fill his bank account with social shopping. There is nothing wrong with that. I am just curious to see if other top media personalities take advantage of their power and open their own ecommerce site.