Mayer: ‘Being a Mother Makes Me a Better Executive’

By Cameron Scott 

yahoo, twitter, social media, social networksFor the first time, Marissa Mayer has shared some of her thoughts on the question that everyone asked when she took the job as Yahoo’s CEO and announced she was pregnant on the same day.

In a post on the blog associated with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Mayer acknowledged that “it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that I would or could make it work when I got that first phone call” from a headhunter.

“Could I really take the helm of Yahoo when I was 28 weeks pregnant? Even now, it sounds absolutely crazy,” she wrote.

But, she said, she’s able to enjoy her roles as mother and as CEO by carefully prioritizing.

“I’ve come to realize that being a mother makes me a better executive, because motherhood forces prioritization. Being a mom gives you so much more clarity on what is important,” Mayer wrote.

Of course, the other question many asked when Mayer took the job was why anybody would want to be CEO of a company as stale and mediocre as Yahoo.

Mayer sheds some light on that as well.

“[I]t was Yahoo, and that changed everything. I started using Yahoo before it was even called Yahoo. Yahoo defined the Internet. They helped get Google started. Yes, they had their ups-and-downs—but, the potential was huge,” she wrote.