How Are App Developers Using Real-World Incentives To Boost Their Facebook Apps?

By David Cohen 

Many application developers on Facebook turn to incentives such as discounts, offers, promotions, coupons, contests, sweepstakes, and even product giveways with the aim of increasing their like and install totals. But is it worth it? That question will hopefully be answered during a panel at Inside Social Apps 2013 June 6 in San Francisco, “Maximizing Audience Engagement with Real-World Incentives.”

The panel, set for June 6 at 1:50 p.m. (PT), will be moderated by Inside Network Founder Justin Smith and will include:

Debates over the value of Facebook likes have gone in every conceivable direction, but one simple fact remains: The like is the entry point for engagement with Facebook users.

Will every single app install or like turn out to be productive? Clearly not: In fact, large percentages of likes are meaningless, no matter how successful the brand’s or app’s Facebook efforts are, because, for various reasons, many users simply don’t return to pages they have liked, or don’t continue using apps they have tried out.

Will some users like pages or install apps simply to take advantage of the incentives being offered, and then ignore those pages or apps? Absolutely, but does any type of marketing campaign deliver a success rate of 100 percent, or even more than 50 percent? Rather than worrying about the likes that didn’t pan out, focus on those that did.

The onus is on app developers to put their best efforts into continuing to engage with Facebook users who have installed their apps, and keep as many of them active as possible. Don’t expect a success rate of 100 percent, but try to keep it as far north of 0 percent as possible.

Readers: What types of incentives and promotions draw you to Facebook apps?