Chelsea Tops Barclays Premier League (In Terms Of Facebook Monetization)

By David Cohen 

Chelsea may be a distant third behind Manchester United on the Barclays Premier League table, but when it comes to the ability to monetize its Facebook page, the English soccer club topped rankings by Marketing Metrix, with Manchester United relegated to the middle of the pack.

Marketing Metrix explained the methodology it used to rank the Premier League clubs:

To establish how well clubs are monetizing their pages, Marketing Metrix has subjectively studied two key areas:

  • How easily one can navigate from a club’s Facebook page to making a purchase from the club.
  • The likelihood that a club can capture valuable personal data from supporters or the public, which can then be used to feed their pipeline.

In area one, a score from one to 10 has been given to clubs by exploring their Facebook pages for ways of navigating to purchases. Ease and speed of navigation were the key factors driving the score.

In area two, another score from one to 10 was awarded on the basis of how easy it was to navigate from the Facebook page to a point of entering personal information.

These scores were combined to establish a “monetization score” for each club. The combination was done by giving a 0.7 weighting to the area-one score and a 0.3 weighting to the area-two score.

Marketing Metrix Head of Marketing Bill Portlock added:

This study shows that when it comes to Facebook expertise, the tables have literally turned for U.K. football teams, showing that just because clubs are performing well on the pitch, it doesn’t mean they are doing a good job with their fans. In today’s age of social interaction, it’s hugely important for clubs to make the most of every chance they have to interact with their fans and to turn these interactions into real financial value for the club.

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