Dressing Mark Zuckerberg

By David Cohen 

MensSuitsOnRackFacebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expanding into politics and, as a result, his wardrobe has expanded, as well, beyond his trademark hoodies and into suits and ties. Linette Lopez of Business Insider spoke with some men’s fashion experts to offer Zuckerberg some tips on how to look spiffier in his suits.

Lopez spoke with Pranav Vora and Philip Soriano of Washington, D.C.-based men’s fashion retailer Hugh and Crye, as well as Judah Estreicher of custom clothier JBD Clothiers, which counts National Football League players Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens among its clients.

All three experts agreed that Zuckerberg has been wearing fused suits, which are glued together, rather than higher-quality suits that are put together with full canvas, nothing that fused suits can look boxy and unflattering, and their glue expands after several cleanings, corrupting their fit.

Vora and Soriano told Lopez:

Fit of the jacket is also an obvious issue here. His jacket shoulders extend past his actual shoulders, and he looks like he’s wearing a rental suit from that terrible suit-rental place, or borrowing a suit from a football-player friend … It almost gives a the look of a kid in a grown man’s suit, like that last scene of the movie Big. Shorten those sleeves to your wrist, and show a little shirt cuff.

These are all easy and accessible changes that Mark Zuckerberg can make to look a little more polished when he does need to dress up a bit. He’s by all measures an incredible leader and visionary. We’d love to see him dress the part, too.

Estreicher added:

To make his suit more fitted, I would take in the chest, half girth (stomach) … measurements.

Readers: Do you have any more fashion advice for Zuckerberg?


Suits on rack image courtesy of Shutterstock.