Who Is On Mark Zuckerberg’s Friends List?

By David Cohen 

MarkZuckerbergTechCrunchDisrupt650Much has been made recently over the fact that while Facebook users can set their friends lists to “Only Me” within their privacy settings, a slight loophole exists: If a user’s friend has their friends list set to public, all of their friends will appear when viewing their mutual friends, thereby “outing” that user, despite the “Only Me” setting. Mashable went one step further, piecing together some of the friends list of none other than Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A Facebook spokesperson issued this statement to Mashable on the mutual friends loophole:

A friendship includes two people, and we give each of those people control over who they share their friends lists with. Of course, friends sometimes disagree on things, maybe even when it comes to who they share things with on Facebook … That’s why we not only give people control over who can see their friends list on their Timeline, but we explain prominently that their friends also get to choose who they share with and that they might select a different set of people.

Among the names Mashable was able to unearth from Zuckerberg’s friends list via the mutual friends loophole:

Readers: Should Facebook figure out a way to alter its privacy settings so that mutual friends are not visible?

Photos by Courtney Rundles.