Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Immigration Issues At ‘Documented’ Screening

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg has been an avid immigration advocate, helping launch the political organization On Monday, Zuckerberg spoke at the screening for the immigration-focused documentary, “Documented,” directed by Jose Antonio Vargas. “Documented,” is Vargas’ autobiographical documentary, showing the flaws of America’s current immigration system.

Zuckerberg spoke publicly about immigration, noting that he’s not just interested in getting cheaper labor in the form of skilled international engineers, but he’s truly interested in reforming the whole immigration process:

People often talk about two parts of the issue: high-skill H1B-issue visa that tech companies have and full comprehensive immigration reform, as if they’re two completely separate issues, but anyone who knows a dreamer knows that they’re not. The students who, no matter where they were born, are going to be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and the people creating jobs in this country. Someone did a study recently showing that about half of the top tech companies were founded by immigrants, directly.

So these are issues that don’t just touch our heart of the industry, but really touch the whole country and touch what is right for us to do as a people. Silicon Valley is always an idealistic place. I always think that the people who build companies out here, they’re not just doing it to have their own company, they’re doing it because they want to have an impact on the world.

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