Case Study: Marketing On Facebook Is Just One Part Of The Road To Conversion

By David Cohen 

Online advertising-management platform Marin Software outlined how its workflow, campaign-management, and optimization tools helped London-based fashion site Stylistpick achieve a 50 percent increase in click-through rate after just one month, as well as guiding it toward a better understand of how to use Facebook as part of a wider advertising strategy, rather than simply looking at the social network as a sales channel.

Marin Software helped Stylistpick realized that when looking at Facebook strictly in terms of last-click conversions, the style site only saw a 3 percent rate, but when looking at the social network as part of a multiclick model, that rate rose to 15 percent.

Stylistpick launched in 2010 as a one-stop shop for fashion and accessories curated by celebrity stylists, including MTV presenter Louise Roe, also boasting an exclusive collection designed for the site by Cheryl Cole.

The Stylistpick Facebook page has more than 103,000 likes, and its style quiz feature has been effective at enticing users to interact with the page. Prior to working with Marin Software, Stylistpick had been using Facebook ads to drive signups.

The company sought to strengthen its Facebook campaign and boost its CTR, as well as to expand its campaign across paid search and the Google Display Network, joining its existing affiliate campaigns, email campaigns, sponsorships with online publishers, display ads, and offers on daily deal sites.

Marin Software deployed its creative rotation functionality to boost the effectiveness of Stylistpickā€™s Facebook creative, as well as it predictive bidding algorithm, which helped the style site to optimize its use of Facebook ads and boost return on investment.

Stylistpick was also able to manage paid search and Google Display Network campaigns through the same interface via the Marin Software platform, and to integrate click data from those other channels into its path-to-conversion report to gain a better understanding of how interactions with various channels, including Facebook, were driving customer conversions.

Stylistpick Senior Online Marketing Manager Cormac Doyle said:

Marin Software is different from many other Facebook advertising management platforms, as it understands that Facebook plays a role further up the sales funnel. The fact that you can manage Facebook alongside other channels such as search and display means that you can gain an understanding of how Facebook ads are working as part of your online media mix and not in a silo. Its workflow, campaign-management and optimization features also mean we save a lot of time and gain a greater focus on ROI in a scalable way.