How to Manage Your Social Media Presence [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Christie Barakat 

Making the transition from university to professional life begins with managing and updating your digital footprint — with particular attention to your social media presence.

Just as there are many examples of employees losing their jobs because of social media blunders, many well-educated and promising job candidates have missed out on opportunities based on their social media activity and profiles.

Forty-two percent of recruiters have chosen candidates based on their social media profiles, so make a good impression. An overwhelming 80 percent of hiring managers look for professional affiliations and not-for-profit experience.

Cleaning-up personal or even questionable content begins with Google; by simply Googling yourself, you might find that some of what you thought were private posts and/or comments made on social media have been made publicly available. Setting Google Alerts will enable you to stay on top of mentions in real-time.

Be sure to routinely check your privacy settings. Consider modifying your profiles and delete accounts you no longer use. Be aware of providing even basic information that might lead to employer discrimination. Unflattering pictures or posts could affect the likelihood of getting hired. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing on a billboard along the highway.

The following infographic by suggests these and more ways to manage your social media presence upon entering today’s competitive job market.

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