LoudDoor’s Brand Satisfaction Gives Companies A Clearer Picture Of Facebook Fans

By Justin Lafferty 

One of the most powerful questions in business is, “Would you recommend our company to a friend?” That’s what LoudDoor’s new product — Brand Satisfaction — aims to figure out, at least in terms of Facebook pages. Brand Satisfaction surveyed fans of thousands of the biggest brands on Facebook to figure out if they’d be willing to recommend the company, and then broke that data down further into purchase and like motivation.

LoudDoor, a Facebook research and targeting firm, announced this week the launch of Brand Satisfaction in beta. Marketers for major brands can see what their Facebook fans really think of them, going beyond simply likes, comments, and shares. The basic metric that Brand Satisfaction works with is the question, “Would you recommend us to your friends?” From there, it shows the percentage of those who would not, those who were unsure, and those who would.

However, it allows users to go a little deeper, measuring the detractors, the passives, and the promoters by the demographics of gender, age, household income, education, relationship status, children, and credit ranking. Marketers can also see these statistics based on purchasing behavior, as well as the motivation to like a Facebook page or buy something.

For instance, marketers can see, of people who spend lots of money going to the movies or who have good credit scores, how many would be likely to recommend the brand.

While brands with pages big enough to be included in the survey can benefit from this by learning more about their fans and their competitors’ fans, it can also help companies that don’t have the same kind of Facebook clout. Marketers can see where their more famous competition is excelling and failing, and make decisions based on that data.

LoudDoor CEO David Guy spoke with AllFacebook about his company’s newest offering:

It’s a clean, simple way to wrap up who your fans are and whether or not they’d recommend your product. The product itself we think is incredibly ambitious. The idea here is that we’re going to survey monthly and gather the survey responses to cover the 15,000 largest brands on Facebook … The core of the tool is mainly for people who are brand advertisers or Facebook page admins or just interested in Facebook data in and of itself, to look back and say, “How likely are their fans to recommend their brand?” Once you find out that your fans really don’t like your page, how do you go about changing that?

To promote the product, LoudDoor also published a list of the top 20 brands on Facebook, based on how willing their fans would be to promote the page to others:

  1. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
  2. Facebook
  3. Google
  4. Walt Disney World
  5. Aldi USA
  6. Xbox
  7. Starbucks Frappuccino
  8. Google Chrome
  9. Duncan Hines
  10. Adobe Photoshop
  11. Tim Horton’s
  12. Hershey’s
  13. In-N-Out Burger
  14. Dove Chocolates
  15. NFL
  16. Portillo’s
  17. Bravo
  18. Disneyland
  19. Dollar Tree
  20. AMC Theatres

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