Instagram Follower Growth, Engagement Continue Trending Down (Study)

By David Cohen Comment


Pay-to-play is quickly becoming a reality for brands on Instagram, as follower growth and engagement continued to plunge in April.

Social analytics and reporting firm Locowise released its April analysis of 2,500 brand profiles on the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network, and its findings included:

  • Follower growth of 0.16 percent for the month was down 50 percent compared with March and marked the lowest rate since Locowise began analyzing Instagram in April 2015. Follower growth is down 91.79 percent over the course of that period.
  • Engagement of 1.04 percent of total audience was down 5.45 percent versus March and down 62.86 percent from its peak in April 2015.
  • Brands studied by Locowise averaged 2.43 posts per day.
  • Default was the most-used photo filter.
  • 90.81 percent of posts published during April were images.
  • Images engaged 1.07 percent of followers, while videos engaged 0.81 percent.
  • Comments represented just 1.75 percent of total engagement, but 18.56 percent of all comments were posted on videos.

Readers: Did any of Locowise’s Instagram findings for April surprise you?

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