Believe It: Facebook Page Post Reach Continues to Surge (Report)

By David Cohen Comment


The average reach for posts by pages in February was 10.86 percent, up 5.33 percent from January and representing the highest mark since Locowise began tracking pages on the social network.

The social analytics and reporting company shared the following statistics from its February study of Facebook pages in a blog post:

  • Page likes growth in February was 0.14 percent, slightly down from 0.16 percent in January and marking the lowest figure in the 10 months since Locowise began its studies. Page likes growth in December 2015 was also 0.14 percent.
  • February’s post engagement rate was 4.9 percent of people reached—up 10.11 percent from January, but still the second-lowest figure recorded by Locowise.
  • Video posts reached 12.62 percent of total page likes, followed by photos (11.79 percent), links (9.08 percent) and text-only status update (5.7 percent).
  • Locowise said page administrators should expect 0.63 percent of their total audiences to engage with video posts, followed by photos (0.57 percent), links (0.35 percent) and status updates (0.25 percent).
  • 41.2 percent of pages studied by Locowise used Facebook advertising in February, paying for an average of 29.91 percent of their total reach. Those figures were up 6.99 percent and 4.95 percent, respectively, from January.


Locowise also offered the following suggestions for page administrators on new features recently introduced by Facebook:

  • Keep an eye on Reactions: How is your audience reacting to your content? What reaction is the most used one? What type of content gets a certain reaction? Does any of this affect your total reach and engagement?
  • Explore live-streaming: Experiment and see what works for you. How does a Facebook Live video perform in terms of reach and engagement compared with a traditional video post?
  • Plan for Instant Articles: Your company needs to consider whether you should be a part of Instant Articles. Should you drive traffic to Instant Articles or your website? That is the big question. Get together, look at the pros and cons and decide how you want to proceed.

Readers: Did any of Locowise’s Facebook findings for February surprise you?