Lock-screen ad platform Locket partners with Free Arts for charity


By Brandy Shaul Comment

Image via Locket

Image via Locket

Mobile advertising platform Locket has expanded its service, announcing the launch of a charitable partnership with Free Arts for Abused Children. The move gives users the chance to donate their earnings to charity as they view ads and pieces of art on their lock screens.

Through the startup’s “Locket Cares” partnership with the Free Arts program, which works to help abused children heal and express themselves through art, Locket users can now see pieces of art on their lock screens and earn money for the charity in the process.

Launched earlier this summer, the Locket program places ads on an Android device’s lock screen, and pays them 1 cent “per swipe” as they unlock their phone, whether they interact with the lock screen ad or not.

“We are excited to give back to our community through Locket Cares Program,” says Yunha Kim, CEO and co-founder of Locket, in a company statement. “As much as monetary support through our donations would be helpful to the organization, offering these children the opportunity to display their delightful artwork to the lock screens of more than 100K Locket users would mean a world to them.”

Image via Locket

Image via Locket

In addition, Locket is looking to expand its advertising partners by encouraging users to suggest the brands they’d like to see and interact with on their lock screens. The idea is that users would be more likely to “click-through” on ads from companies that interest them personally.

The top three requested companies so far are Sony, Samsung and Google, each with over 4,000 “Likes” in the system. GameStop, Netflix, Nike and Amazon are other strong contenders, but there’s no guarantee that any of these votes will turn into concrete ad deals on the program.

Locket has already been downloaded around 100,000 times since launching in the US in July, with 25,000 of those downloads coming within the first two days. The app is now available to download on the Google Play store for free.