Lock and Load for a Tweet Hunt

By David Cohen Comment

Ever get so frustrated by topics trending on Twitter that you just wanted to blast away? Developer Jared Kroff feels your pain. Hence, the creation of Tweet Hunt for the iPhone and iPad.

Tweet Hunt is a classic shooting gallery app, except that players are shooting at actual tweets from real-time trending topics on Twitter. Sharpshooters even have a chance to nail the fail whale in the background.

The free version of Tweet Hunt, Classic, allows players to aim at tweets from trending topics, while the premium version, Celebridies, available for 99 cents, adds the option of blasting away at celebrities on Twitter — such as Snooki, Conan O’Brien, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, and Katy Perry — with more targets unlocked as scores get higher. Kroff is even accepting suggestions for celebrity additions via @tweethuntapp.

From a review on CNET gadget blog Crave:

Tweet Hunt uses a simple gaming concept, but it’s well-executed and manages to ramp up the difficulty as you make it through the levels. It should appeal to players who are bored with Angry Birds and anyone who’s sick to death of all that tweeting going on.