Location-Based Q&A Service Localmind Battling For Piece of New Pie

By Kenna McHugh Comment

If you haven’t noticed there is a new crop of community-assisted recommendation apps with a Q&A feature appearing on the web as well as mobile platforms. Recently, one was brought to my attention: Localmind. The community-assisted app is starting with iPhone first, which is about to take off with a promise to shine in this new app category.

Localmind is rather simple to use. You ask it questions which goes to other Localmind users around you about specific locations. The answers come from real-live people near the locations you are questioning. So, the chances are the answers are coming from a reliable source.

It goes like this: I ask if there are still tickets to Harry Potter’s midnight run. A Harry Potter fan, standing in line or walking into the movie theater clues me in. If Harry Potter is sold out, I can go to bed early and save some sleep time, and then catch the movie the next day.

Another example, Darrell Etherington at Gigaom reports he asked if there would be trouble getting a seat at a local restaurant at lunch hour. In less than a minute, he received a response that the restaurant wasn’t busy at all, which sent a notification to both his iPhone and his email address.

Those who have reviewed the new app compare it to Crowdbeacon, but report Localmind is more polished and stands on its own as a platform. The sign up process is simple with Foursquare and Facebook being supported at this time, and choosing one concludes the sign-up process. The app encourages users to field questions, honoring you as a Localmind Expert after you pass a certain inception of interaction with the service.

My overall take on Localmind is that it truly is a socializing app, bringing the community together, as it keeps pace with our busy lifestyles.