Facebook Testing Local Market?

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook appears to be in the preliminary stages of testing a feature called Local Market.

Reader Abs Elmaz of Social House Media shared the screenshots to the right and below with SocialTimes, noting that the Local Market icon took the place of the icon for messages at the bottom of his Facebook application, and adding that clicking on any of the categories produced blank screens.

Elmaz, who is in Melbourne, Australia, added that clicking “sell” brought up a message that the feature was not available in his area yet, and he said all evidence of Local Market has now disappeared from his app.

But one of his coworkers was able to collect the screenshots below, illustrating that the feature was pulling in items from for-sale groups she is following, and that she was able to “sell an item” by posting its photo, price and other details, with the option of posting that item to her local market.

Readers: Have you seen anything similar?