Liz Heron Leaves ‘WSJ’ For Facebook Post

By David Cohen 

LizHeron650Facebook turned to The Wall Street Journal to fill a position based on further intertwining the social network with news, as Editor of Emerging Media Liz Heron announced — appropriately, in a Facebook post — that she is leaving the Journal to join Facebook.

Heron is far from a journalism greenhorn, having worked with The Washington Post and The New York Times prior to the Journal.

She wrote in her Facebook post:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m taking a new job at Facebook centered on the news. In this new role, I’ll have the opportunity to work directly on how Facebook partners with journalists and media organizations, at a time when Facebook is putting a big emphasis on news and mobile, two things close to my professional heart. From The Washington Post to The New York Times to my current job at WSJ, I’ve been working in journalism for a long time, and I have seen social media and the Web transform it completely. It will be fascinating for me to approach newsgathering and storytelling from a new vantage point.

Facebook is this incredible, vast database of human experience, as my friend Allison (WSJ Social Media Editor Allison Lichter) likes to say. There’s so much news to be found here, sources to be developed, meaningful communities for journalists to build and experiments to be tried. Journalists — feel free to hit me up with your ideas!

To my friends and colleagues at The Wall Street Journal: Your journalism makes everyone smarter and more informed (and often wittier, too). Thank you for an incredible two years. To my team in particular: From Superstorm Sandy to the 2012 elections to major tech IPOs to the Boston bombing, we made social media sourcing/verification and reader participation a key part of our news report. We made huge strides in shareable visual storytelling, built a global social media presence, experimented with news startups, and raised the profile of mobile journalism around our newsroom. You’re amazing. Keep it up.

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