Are You Funny Enough To Convince Facebook Users To Pay To See Your Original Videos?

By David Cohen 

LittleCastBanner650Facebook users who have ever viewed funny videos that have gone viral and thought to themselves, “I can do this,” will now have the chance to win up to $1,000 if they can convince other users to pay to watch their videos, as part of the “So, You Think You’re Funny” contest from LittleCast, which enables its users to produce videos and charge for views.

Starting Monday and running through Jan. 30, Facebook users can upload original, funny videos here, with the tag,”thinkyourefunny,” and then set the price per view, from $0.99 up.

The first 10 video producers to reach $1,000 in sales will receive matching prizes of $1,000 from LittleCast. Winners will be announced Jan. 31.

LittleCast said in a blog post announcing the contest and outlining its rules:

Louis C.K. The godfather. The big daddy. The man when it comes to all things “direct-to-fan”. Louis C.K. has changed the game for not only comedy, but digital content distribution (films, music, video tutorials, etc.) as we know it. How?

Well it’s simple: He sold his shows directly through his website.

So now we’re asking you to be the next Louis C.K. and sell your videos directly to audiences — but this time using the viral platform of Facebook.

In fact, we’re putting our money where our mouths are. We’ll match the top five comedians to reach $1,000 in total sales from their LittleCast video with another $1,000 double the money, direct-to-fan, why happy holidays to you.

Readers: Do you think you’re funny?