LinkedIn Redesign Ditches the Slacks and Slaps on a Suit and Tie

By Neil Vidyarthi 

LinkedIn just got back from a makeover and let me say it’s a big change – in a good way. Just a day after updating their LinkedIn Today to include more social features, a blog post from Caroline Gaffney of LinkedIn announced on Monday that LinkedIn is updating its look to simplify and modernize the LI experience. I look at a few of the features below.

The new changes range from a simpler homepage look to a change to the streaming algorithm to ensure that more relevant updates stay at the top of the page. The changes, which will roll out in the next few weeks, analyzed are below.

A newer, simpler, and more modern design
The new LinkedIn drops the twenty-something billionaire style for a much more corporate suit and tie. With a polished black tool bar at the top of the page to control navigation, the whole page is more easily delineated between navigation and the content. The content itself is also organized with tons of white space and classy logos and icons. The whole thing reminds me of those digital people directories that movie stars use in films to look up a person of interest.

More relevant updates up top
They’ve improved the feed so its now a geyser of useful, relevant updates. We won’t be able to test this until the new design updates go live, so we’ll see – feed quality is not yet a plume in LinkedIn’s cap.

A richer, cleaner update stream
The stream has larger images as well as the ability to aggregate a few stories, as seen in the LinkedIn today example below. This looks to be the most original new feature, and may help to turn the news feed into something like a fusion between friends’ updates and a newspaper.

Check out the image below, and head over to the blog for more information.