LinkedIn Mentions Feature Inspired By Facebook?

By David Cohen 

English writer Charles Caleb Colton said in the 1800s, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” In April 2013, professional networking site LinkedIn flattered Facebook by adding a mentions feature that auto-fills the names of contacts or companies in its status update box.

LinkedIn described the mentions feature in a post on its blog:

We’re excited to introduce a new way for you to engage with your network through the ability to mention your connections and companies in conversations on LinkedIn.

Begin by typing the name of a connection or a company in your status update box or a comment field on the homepage.

Select someone from the list of your connections that appear in the drop-down, complete your status or comment, and post it.

The person or company you mentioned will receive a notification alerting them that they have been mentioned.

In addition to first-degree connections, you can also mention other LinkedIn members engaged in conversations in the comment sections of posts on the LinkedIn homepage. Mentions will make it easier for you to start conversations with your network, while also enabling you to respond in real-time when someone begins a conversation with you.

LinkedIn said it began rolling its mentions feature out to English-speaking users Thursday, with plans to roll it out worldwide soon.

Readers: Do you think mentions are a useful addition to LinkedIn?