LinkedIn Makes Glassdoor’s ‘Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance’ List

By Devon Glenn 

Contradicting the notion that LinkedIn is all work and no play, has ranked the professional network eighth on its “Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance” list.

Glassdoor takes some of the mystery out of finding a job by giving workers an anonymous forum for posting and comparing their salaries and job titles with other people in their industry.

Jobseekers can usually find juicy details about other professionals’ work experiences, from their first phone interviews through their last day on the job; and they can rate their own companies in different categories on a scale from one to five.

One of the categories is work-life balance, a popular topic now that many of us go home with a smartphone in our pockets that’s still blowing up with work emails.

Not a problem at LinkedIn. At this apparent utopia of “very high growth and fast career acceleration” – not to mention free food – the work-life balance rating averages 4.3 out of 5 stars, meaning that employees are “very satisfied.” A recruiter in the UK praised the company’s workout sessions, fun social events, and one “InDay” a month for exploring personal projects (similar to Google’s “20 Percent Time”).

Out of 112 employees who posted reviews about LinkedIn, 60 were “very satisfied” with the company overall. CEO Jeff Weiner has a whopping 92 percent approval rate. And why not? The company just came out of a strong second quarter. Even the interns are making between $13 and $40 per hour.

Our sibling blog AllFacebook noted that Facebook did not make the list this year. In a pre-IPO report in April, Glassdoor cited long work hours, difficulties with work-life balance, and company politics as the most common complaints, although there were still more positives about working for the larger social network than negatives.

Image by tashatuvango via Shutterstock.