LinkedIn Launches Targeted Status Updates to Public

By Neil Vidyarthi 

LinkedInLinkedIn has opened up their Targeted Status Updates feature to the general public after an April trial with a few customers. The service allows companies to provide updates to a targeted set of followers, for instance a company like Yammer could focus a targeted update on people in the “Finance” field if they’d introduced a feature of particular use to them. The services have been positive for trial customers, which has prompted LinkedIn to open the service to every business.

The updates were very successful for Philips, who saw a 106% increase in engagement by followers after using the service. Undoubtedly, the updates help build brand loyalty by communicating with fans about their interests rather than a more general update.

To use the service, post an update, then select “Targeted Status Update” and use the selection box to target by industry, position, demographics and more. After 24 hours, you’ll get information about impressions and click through. You also get insights into how the updates performed – similar to Facebook’s analytics dashboard. See the video below for more details.