LinkedIn Introduces Commenting and Liking to Social News Product

By Neil Vidyarthi 

LinkedIn Today is still getting its legs. It’s a news service on LinkedIn that attempts to deliver relevant, social news to users of the network. It takes popular shares from users’ professional contacts and subscribed groups and displays them in a mural like format, allowing users to see a variety of news stories at a glance. The problem is that LinkedIn isn’t really a network that focuses too hard on link sharing, and for many users the links on the front page may seem unrelated or in other cases – dated.

LinkedIn is introducing two new feature sets to help spice up the LinkedIn Today page, and I think they’re both going to help dramatically. The two first feature set is likes and commenting, which gives each story its own small discussion panel. The fact that users can now like stories on LinkedIn means that their algorithm should be able to get a better read on what people are actually reading and show that to more users on the front page of their LinkedIn Today page. This will definitely improve the content and may help them develop a following on the page. Commenting works the same way as liking, and will let users interact and possibly connect.

The second feature set is the “trending in your network” tab, which will display the news as specifically and exclusively shared by your own friends and contacts. It’s a cool way to see what professional tone your friends are setting with their shares and likes. We’ll see if this feature catches on, but as its right now on the sidebar, I’m not sure if it’s going to make as big a splash as the likes and comments.