Pretty.Digits Enters Real-Time Like-Counter Display Market With LikeScreen

By David Cohen 

Displaying real-time Facebook like totals in stores and other business locations is starting to catch on, as Pretty.Digits announced the launch of LikeScreen, which displays a live, real-time like counter on an HDMI-compatible screen.

Fliike, from French startup Smiirl, is based on a similar concept, but rather than using a screen, the like counter is a separate, old-school device.

The use of screens enables LikeScreen to provide “instant visual feedback” when like totals increase, as well as to offer several customization options. The display also includes a QR code to direct mobile users to Facebook pages, the Facebook URL for those without QR code-compatible devices, logos, and graphics.

Pretty.Digits described how LikeScreen works on its frequently asked questions page:

LikeScreen is an iOS-based solution to connect Facebook pages to real-world venues. An iOS device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) is connected to a screen via HDMI adapter and connected to the Internet via WLAN or 3G. The screen shows a live counter for the number of Facebook likes the page currently has. Additionally, a QR code is generated that can be scanned using QR code readers and that links to a microsite, which helps the user like the Facebook page. As soon as a user likes the Facebook page, LikeScreen reacts and shows a welcome message for the new fan. The counter counts up and a new fan is won.

Readers: Do you believe you will start to see more real-time like counters like LikeScreen and Fliike in stores and other places of business?