Likebook Offers Facebook Users ‘Best-Of’ Their Content Of Past Year In PDF Form

By David Cohen 

Likebook enables users to create physical books populated with Facebook content such as status updates, photos, and life events. And now, Likebook is entering the PDF realm with its launch of Best-of.

Free offering Best-of allows users to create PDF files that contain their status updates, photos, links, posts, and comments that tallied the most likes and comments over the past year, and users can customize their color schemes, as well.

Likebook said in an email introducing Best-of:

When using Facebook, one thing the social media giant has not yet mastered is the ability to collect the most popular information of its users and allow them to see their top posts, most-rated pictures, or most-liked comments and gather them into one central location that they can review; similar to a flipbook of a life story. With Likebook, users can download a free a Likebook “Best-of” in a PDF format and read the PDF offline.

Marketing Director Patrick Osinski added:

Following the success of the launch of the new version of the Likebook a few months ago, we are finally offering this option to create a PDF Likebook for free, in one click.

Readers: Are you interested in seeing your most popular Facebook content over the past year in PDF form?