Like BJ’s Wholesale Facebook Page, Feed The Hungry

By David Cohen Comment

Ever wonder what happens to all of that food at BJ’s Wholesale Club that never gets sold? With the help of Facebook users, it can end up at a local Feeding America food bank.

The big-box retailer said it will add $1 to its current donation pool for every like its Facebook page tallies by December 31, with plans to contribute up to $250,000.

BJ’s added that Facebook users who have already liked its page can click on the Feeding Communities tab to donate $1, and they can share the information via Facebook and Twitter, with an additional $1 donated by BJ’s for every share.

As part of the chain’s initiative, team members collect unsold food, including meat and produce, and then deliver it to local Feeding America food banks, where it is sorted and distributed to the needy.

Feeding America has received help from other companies via Facebook, including Kraft Foods, which is running its Kraft Huddle to Fight Hunger program, also via Facebook.

We love to see acts of charity in any medium, and wonder whether trading likes for donations results in longer-lasting fan relationships than other tactics on Facebook.

Readers: Which is a stronger motivator for likes, charity or coupons?