How A Company Gained Younger Customers Through Facebook Marketing

By Justin Lafferty 

Probiotic yogurt products that are aimed at digestive health aren’t always the most exciting things. However, Lifeway Foods has used Facebook to not only grow awareness of the brand, but to market to younger customers. Lifeway CEO Julie Smolyansky told AllFacebook that since the company established a presence on the social network, more young adults are purchasing its products.

Smolyansky said that traditionally, the company’s demographics skewed toward an older crowd. Lifeway was started in 1986 by Smolyansky’s parents, who were Russian immigrants seeking the American dream. She took over the company at age 27 and started using social media as a marketing tool, first on MySpace in 2005, and then on Facebook and Twitter a couple of years later.

Smolyansky said that since 2010, households under 34 purchasing Lifeway’s products have increased 15 percent.

She talked with AllFacebook about the company’s social marketing strategies, which cater to moms, as well as young adults and kids (who enjoy the kefir, and encourage their parents to try it, too):

We have noticed that the consumers who use our product are younger and younger, which is great. It’s just awesome to be able to do that. It also gives more a life cycle to the brand. We’re not chasing folks who are in retirement. Also now, more millennials and younger folks are buying our yogurt. We know that it’s a lot harder to change the habits of people who have had them for decades. It’s a lot easier to start with healthy habits early in the lives of consumers. We want to be one of the brands that stick with people throughout their life — from babies through seniorhood.

Lifeway uses its social media marketing to reach out to people who will not only implement its healthy products into their lives, but share its content with friends. The page is most popular among those who are 18 to 34 years old, so Lifeway has crafted a Facebook strategy to reach out to these users. Many of its posts are fun and lighthearted, but also show the health benefits of Lifeway’s kefir. The posts are aimed at people who have kids and young adults who are conscious of their health, as well as of social issues.

The company has also been pretty good with responding to questions from fans:

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