LG Glasses-Free 3D Smartphone Partnership with YouTube 3D

By Kenna McHugh Comment

LG Mobile and alternative rock pioneers, Jane’s Addiction, made innovation history Monday night at the world’s first 3D user-generated concert broadcasted live on YouTube to be later broadcasted on YouTube 3D. At a packed Terminal 5 with 1,500 guests in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, more than 100 ticket holders selected by LG and Jane’s Addiction received a rare opportunity to be the first to experience LG Thrill 4G and capture live, 3D footage of the exclusive Jane’s Addiction performance.

Equipped with a stunning 360-degree stage that allowed for surround-sound and panoramic viewing, the concert put every attendee directly into the action. This unique concert experience was part of LG’s “Bring Your World Alive” campaign empowering users to experience the benefits of mobile 3D entertainment by creating content that is unique and personal.

Armed with LG Thrill 4G devices, Jane’s Addiction’s fans enjoyed the band’s most famous songs — including their new tracks “Irresistible Force” and “End To The Lies” from their upcoming album The Great Escape Artist (Capitol Records)– while capturing 3D video of the concert that will help create a 60-minute documentary of the World’s First 3D User-Generated Concert. Premiering on the LG Thrill YouTube 3D channel on August 4, 2011, the 3D documentary will tell the story of how technology has changed the way we create, view and share life’s most memorable moments through social media.

Another cool partnership is happening with Gameloft. LG also will challenge users to battle it out in 3D with a 3D Gaming Tournament at the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco on August 10, 2011. Using the LG Thrill 4G, teams of gamers will battle it out in “Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) 3D,” Gameloft’s 3D action game. After multiple timed battles, top scorers will go head-to-head in a projected 3D main event for the chance to be crowned the N.O.V.A. Intergalactic Gaming Champion.

It’s hard to imagine a smartphone featuring 3D capabilities. I am sure the quality is no comparison to movie or home theaters.