Skadoosh! Jack Black & Kung Fu Panda 2 Tear Up YouTube [Hidden Easter Eggs]

By Megan O'Neill Comment

The Visionaire Group (TVG), the award winning digital shop that brought you The Expendables interactive YouTube promo last summer is back with another EPIC interactive YouTube campaign promoting Kung Fu Panda 2.

The campaign starts out with a single YouTube video of Jack Black behind the scenes, recording his voiceover of Po, the coolest Kung Fu-iest panda in town, shouting his signature fighting call, “Skadoosh!”, over and over.  He then has an EPIC idea and viewers are invited to “Click For Epicness”, via a YouTube annotation.  Clicking takes the viewer to the official interactive YouTube campaign page—“Epic Skadoosh – Behind the Scenes of Kung-Fu Panda 2″.

Viewers are invited to drag various elements of the YouTube video page—suggested video thumbnails, video titles and comments—over to the Po where he epically Skadooshes them.  After you drag a few elements over to Po you are shown a trailer of the movie and there are six other videos you can browse through as well.  You can also share the campaign via Facebook and Twitter or go back to the start and Skadoosh some more.  An additional feature with tickets and show times is coming soon, presumably closer to the movie’s release date later this month on May 26.

You can check out the interactive campaign starting from the embedded video below.  Keep in mind that there are a bunch of fun Easter Eggs hidden within the campaign, which you can read more about below.

The Skadooshing is fun, and the trailer and other videos are fun for Jack Black and Kung Fu Panda fans, but there are some other extra hidden treasures that you won’t want to miss out on:

  • If you scroll down to the fifth comment—the one that says, “Ska to the doosh! WOOT!”—and try to drag it over to Po you’ll uncover a fortune cookie fortune.  There are more fortunes hidden behind all of the following comments as well!
  • Scroll down to the tenth suggested video and drag the thumbnail out of the way.  Hidden behind this and all the following thumbnails you’ll find hidden videos including clips from the movie and behind-the-scenes clips of Jack Black.
  • Hidden behind all of the suggested video titles, starting from the tenth video down, you’ll find quotes from Kung Fu Panda characters reviewing the movie.
  • You’ll also find cross-promotional elements for Puss in Boots throughout the campaign page.

With all of the above, in addition to the EPIC Skadooshing, trailers and other video footage, make this one of the most interactive YouTube campaigns to date.  Check it out and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.