Kontagent Analytics Processing 10,000 Social Events Per Second

By Azam Khan Comment

Social analytics firm Kontagent is announcing a big release today of their Real-Time Social Application Monitoring System. Dubbed SAMS, the real-time dashboard can play an instrumental role in providing feedback and detecting any problems in real time, adding to a developer’s bottom line profitability. More after the jump.

Real time behavior isn’t an easy feat to achieve, making Kontagent’s announcement quite revolutionary. In addition to gaining insights into behavior and activities of users, SAMS also helps app developers detect operational issues in their apps. According to Kontagent, SAMS is already being used by some of the top developers and processing roughly 10,000 social events per second – a number expected to grow to tens of thousands a second. That is faster than the highest number of messages (7,000) sent per second ever on twitter.

“As an agile social gaming company, we need to release multiple times a week, and sometimes even multiple times a day, but we have game experiences and 3rd party integrations, that while critical, can be quite fragile,” said Ali Nazer, cofounder of Lionside, a social game company that recently launched NBA Legends, the first NBA licensed game on Facebook. He believes Kontagent’s SAMS represents a critical tool in launching social apps: “The real-time dashboard that Kontagent provides is an extremely valuable addition since it lets us monitor user stats right after our releases. It also lets us monitor our Facebook platform integration when we are triaging issues with our game.”

Kontagent’s social-tags are embedded within the apps and services, making instant and real-time possible. Developers can significantly lower their risk using Kontagent’s SAMS dashboard as they deploy new features and releases.

“We’re excited about the adoption and early feedback of the Kontagent Social Application Monitoring System. This expands our platform from providing just social application analytics to social application systems monitoring,” says Albert Lai, co-founder and President of Kontagent. Furthermore, Albert believes that “SAMS is a critical feature for our customers due to the iterative and fast-paced launch schedules that our customers have. By enabling them to have real-time social behavior hearbeat monitoring within the application, we allow social application developers to move more quickly by providing them a higher level of confidence in deploying new releases more rapidly.”

Kontagent has been in the space for quite some time and is years ahead of some of the competitors. They are cash flow positive and hiring aggressively for their San Francisco and Toronto offices. To learn more click here: http://www.kontagent.com/jobs/