Kongregate App Back On Android Marketplace, Still An AppStore Within An AppStore

By Bilal Hameed Comment

Android-Kongregate Kongregate is ready to re-submit its mobile app, Kongregate Arcade to Google’s Android Marketplace. Kongregate Arcade, was removed by Google on ground’s of it being in violation of the terms of service of Androids marketplace. Prior to Kongregate, every single removal from Android Marketplace was either a fraudulent banking app, or some bizarre stuff that crossed the line. It was this tradition that earned Google a reputation of keeping a hands off approach to App approvals – as compared to Apple.

Kongregate Arcade Android App is a portal to Kongregate’s Arcade games, that currently has more than 13 million gamers. The Arcade app for Android, enables Android users to download and play the freely available games from Kongregate Arcade. Google potentially does not want apps in its Marketplace, that are de-facto app stores in their own right and hence compete directly with the Marketplace.

Kongregate has obfuscated the browser’s address bar and in addition to this the app now uses standard browser caching to to store “offline” files instead of downloading them on the fly as the user played the game. Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate, informed Joystiq that:

In preparing the app for resubmission, Greer and company made some subtle, but potentially crucial, changes to the app. First: Though the original app played games in a standard WebKit browser, Kongregate Arcade obfuscated that experience by hiding the browser’s address bar. Now, the address bar is visible when the app first loads, and then it jumps to full-screen, “which is a standard feature of Flash,” Greer reminds us (and Google, we imagine). Second: Kongregate Arcade will now use the standard browser cache to store its “offline” files instead of “explicitly downloading and managing games on the SD card.”

After the re-submission, Kongregate’s Arcade is now live in the Android Marketplace. Greer is keeping his fingers crossed to see if the app is acceptable to Google, after the changes that they have made. In essence we believe that the changes that Kongregate have made are cosmetic, and the app is still a gateway to Kongregate’s Arcade games. Keeping all this in mind, it still needs to be seen, if Google wants app stores within its app store.

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